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We, the group members of the Emersyn House, as recovering alcoholics and addicts, acknowledge the need to set the following rules and expectations to create guidance and stability for our members.

House Rules: Text


  1. Treat other members and guests as if you would want to be treated. That means respect other member's boundaries.

  2. Keep noise at a considerate level at all times, for not all members are on the same sleeping schedule.

  3. Any house decisions are made by a majority vote. No one person is allowed to make a decision that affects the house.

  4. All appliances are to be turned off when not is use except for the computer hard drive and one living room light during the night.

  5. Any disruptive behavior is subject to a behavioral contract or the expulsion of the disruptive member. Our definition of disruptive behavior is anything that disrupts the harmony of the house, like missing house meetings, violence or threatening behavior, illegal activity, theft, driving w/o license or insurance, probation violations, etc.

  6. If a relapse or disruptive behavior occurs, an emergency house meeting must be called as soon as two or more members are present. The party in question may be asked to leave until the meeting

  7. After one week of occupancy, members must be moving towards work, school, treatment, or anything the house deems productive. By the fourth week, all members must be either working, enrolled in school, involved in treatment, or doing something productive. society. Note: If a member is not working, they then have to be out of the house Monday thru Friday actively looking for work. (9am-3pm)

  8. There is no set time given to members if they are asked to leave. It may range from 15 minutes, if the member's behavior after being evicted is deemed disruptive by any member, or it may be 24 hours if he remains passive. Although notice may not exceed 24 hours.

  9. Failure to comply with these rules/expectations may be subject to a vote of dismissal or contract of the offending member.

  10. If you are on Parole, Probation or In Drug Court you will follow all the rules set down for you. Failure in doing so, you could be asked to leave the house for disruptive behavior.

  11. You will have 30 days to find a job we will review you every week to see that you are complying with this rule. After gaining employment you will have 90 to be caught up in full. This will be a case-by-case situation voted by the house.

  12. If you are behind on your Equal Expense Shares (see below) you will be on the New Comers Probation until caught up in full.

  13. Weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to, dart guns, slingshots, blades that exceed 4", handguns, rifles, or any mechanism that could be used to propel any object that could cause harm to person or property, are not allowed on the premises AT ANY TIME. Violating this by use or possession of any of the aforementioned weapons, individual violators and/or any associated parties that contributed to the use or possession of said weaponry on premises are subject to a vote of dismissal.

House Rules: House Rules


  1. EES is due on the last day of the month for the following month's rent. A $50.00 fine will be issued if you are late.

  2. All monies payable to the house must be in the form of a money order. Only agency checks will be accepted.

  3. Room rates for EES range from $600.00 - $650.00 a month for a single room. (This is subject to change due to the financial stability of the house and summer months to include landscaping services.)

House Rules: House Rules


  1. It is strongly encouraged for new members to interact with other members, attend regular meetings, actively participate in Emersyn House, and take other actions towards a higher level of recovery. House Members that fail to actively participate in house activities and fail to strive to their own recovery must leave the house and find another place to live.

  2. For the first 60 days of occupancy, new members are on probation and are not allowed to have stayovers in (house guests) or outside of the house. Stayovers are considered anything after 11 PM.

  3. Three stayovers per month outside the house are allowed after 90 days as long as the house is given a number where you may be reached.

  4. Stayovers inside the house (house guests) are limited to no more than two nights per week, except for your children when custody is permitted after 90 days, unless other arrangements have been made with the house. Otherwise, a member may have an overnight guest no more than two nights a week.

  5. Must attend a minimum of 3 meetings each week for their recovery, i.e. AA/NA, celebrate recovery, church, etc. within their first 30 days after moving in.

  6. Must have a sponsor and working a program of recovery.

  7. If you are behind on your E.E.S you will stay on the New Members Probation until your financial obligations are caught up.

House Rules: House Rules
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